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Honor Your Doctor

Honoring Doctors & medical professionals for National Doctors’ Day. 

C.H.O.W. - Children's Health On the Weekend

Children’s Health on the Weekend — C.H.O.W. — is an initiative of the Rotary Club Downtown Boca Raton that helps families that are struggling to provide enough food for their children on the weekends.

Filling the Hunger Gap, C.H.O.W. helps send children home with enough food to feed their families during the 68-hour hunger gap that exists for many families from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. Volunteers acquire and package the food each week and distribute it discretely to parents at pickup, so children are provided healthy meals throughout the weekend without experiencing the stigma of assistance.



Serving Health and Wellness Needs

 in the Boca Raton community

From Polio to Alzheimer's. . .

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