President’s Message

David Eltringham, Esq.
Rotary Club Downtown Boca Raton
President 2020 – 2021

Rotary Opens Opportunities

Almost in an instant, the Covid-19 Pandemic has changed our lives forever, and ushered in an era of once unthinkable human pain & suffering. A dangerous invisible threat that is everywhere at once and hides in the precious air we breathe for life.  Even when this virus is eventually eradicated (and it will be), it seems unlikely that life as we once knew it will return. 

All the while, our local and world communities still continue to suffer profoundly from a plethora of other deadly diseases, a lack of access to clean water & sanitation, illiteracy, terrible gender inequality with adverse health consequences for vulnerable mothers and their children, and severe unrelenting poverty throughout the world. Shocking to some perhaps, many of these perceived “somewhere else” problems continue to negatively impact the lives of too many right here in Boca Raton.

This is where the Rotary Club Downtown Boca Raton comes in.  Our commitment to “Service Above Self” and chosen core focus on health and wellness creates an unbreakable bond with the Boca Raton community. Our philanthropy includes participating in and managing a wide variety of community service projects. We also give support to other like minded charitable organizations in the Boca Raton community as well as host two major annual fundraising events.

It is with the tireless giving of our members’ time and money that we feed our hungry children, promote literacy & education, give massive relief and aid when natural disaster strikes, support our hospitals, medical community & colleges to ensure access to top-notch health care, provide leadership skills training in our high schools, and give scholarships to up and coming doctors and medical professionals who wish to practice in and give back to our local community. 

But the Rotary Club Downtown Boca Raton’s mission extends far beyond our city borders.  We are also very proud to support Rotary International’s historic and incredibly successful worldwide efforts to fight and eradicate deadly diseases such as Polio, promote peace, provide clean water, save mothers & children, support education, and grow local economies.

In my mind, being a Rotarian anywhere in the world means being a humanitarian and a do-gooder.  That is, someone “who actively engages in promoting human welfare and social reforms, and who has no prejudice with human suffering on grounds of [race], gender, sexual orientation, religious or national divisions.” 

As the proud President of the Rotary Club Downtown Boca Raton for 2020-2021, I have and continue to challenge our membership to lean hard into the storm that is Covid-19.  And to seek out and seize upon the amazing opportunities right in front of us to continue making a huge difference in our community and the world. Our commitment and resolve to serve remains resolute and unbreakable no matter the challenges that face us today.  Every member of the Rotary Club Downtown Boca Raton knows that the world needs us now  more than ever,  and we will not disappoint.

Yours in Rotary Service,

David Eltringham, Esq.
Rotary Club Downtown Boca Raton
Club President 2020 – 2021